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Talent as a Service (TaaS)

‘TaaS – Talent as a Service’ is Cacti Legal’s trademark solution that helps organizations build the right resourcing model that is flexible, built‐to‐last and caters to the changing workforce needs and market forces. Our team of experts work as an extended arm of your legal, finance and procurement team. It’s a continuous challenge for any organization to seek and retain right talent that is skilled, experienced and well-trained.

Under TaaS, we support your human resource dynamics with our strategic on-demand solutions that maximizes productivity and minimizes liabilities for you. With TaaS, companies relish cost savings, higher resource productivity and optimum utilization while accessing a wider network of talent and skills.

We have people with the right set of expertise, experience and approach to fit seamlessly into your team.

Cacti Legal

Support Services

Our Support Services allows the in-house legal teams of the companies to the litigators of the law firms to focus on the most important strategic issues and projects, while we shall take care of providing a cost-effective delivery of routine day-to-day.

Cacti Legal

Legal Tech

The millennial lawyers are seeking tools and software for better management of information and also today’s legal teams and firms are facing the challenge of expanding and digitizing the business world. With such a prevailing situation across the legal arena, the digital transformation changes the way the legal services are delivered. Our Legal Tech solutions help law firms and in-house legal teams to facilitate their processes and improve their effectiveness.

Legal Tech is definitely the way forward for timely and effective delivery of legal services by digitizing and optimizing the ways of working.

Appropriate Legal Tech helps you ease operations, optimize prevailing workflows and enhance overall management of knowledge and information that exists in your firm / enterprise.

About Cacti Legal

‘Rethink – Design – Deliver’ –

Cacti Legal is an alternative legal service firm committed to driving customer innovation; helping its alliances grow and being a positive force in the communities where we thrive.

Cacti Legal creates solutions and designs platforms to combine human talent and suitable technology to help its clients ‘rethink, design and deliver’.

We understand the future Work Order of the world and are constantly ideating to create pioneer solutions to match the flexible / on-demand talent ecosystem of the future.

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