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Cacti Legal’s staffing solutions helpsorganizations build the right resourcing model that is flexible, built‐to‐last and caters to the changing workforce needs and market forces.

Our team of experts work as an extended arm of your legal, finance and procurement team. It’s a continuous challenge for any organization to seek and retain right talent that is skilled, experienced and well-trained. We support your human resource dynamics with our strategic on-demand solutions that maximizes productivity and minimizes liabilities for you. With our staffing services, companies relish cost savings, higher resource productivity and optimum utilization while accessing a wider network of talent and skills.

We have people with the right set of expertise, experience and approach to fit seamlessly into your team.

Our legal staffing empowers any organization to deal with employee contingencies in a proactive, efficient and seamless manner. It allows companies to work in a more innovative manner, while keeping pace with the dynamic business environment.

The benefits of introducing a flexi-working policy are varied and have a propelling impact on business performance. We bring in that flexibility for you on your terms which helps you deliver in a highly cost efficient manner.  

This is curated for businesses and law firms across the globe that need extra support for their in-house team of legal professionals, by providing experienced lawyers and paralegals to help deal with a swell of work, a large project or provide a substitute for an existing team member’s absence.

Our team of paralegals and lawyers, who are highly experienced and flexible work the way that suits your business, whether for fixed or variable hours, on-site or remote location, part time or full time or any other way of fitting in with your work patterns and requirements.

With our team of legal professionals, we strive to provide efficient and innovative methods to deliver client assignments.

As financial institutions navigate today’s unpredictable economic and regulatory landscape, the pressure on risk and compliance operating models are increasing. There is a surge in adoption of managed services as various organizations seek a more strategic response in order to better organize, operate, and safeguard their business.

Through our team of top-tier accountants and tax advisors, we offer flexi-resourcing solutions in this domain that allows organizations to emphasize on their business challenges and opportunities while continuing with the ‘business as usual’ with us.

With dynamic world and emerging market trends there is a significant rise in industries seeking services of procurement experts for providing the right amount and type of procurement. We have our team of procurement experts who shall work with you in your procurement and vendor management operation, recommending necessary changes, arranging desirable supply chain management solutions and adopting best industry practices for your business.

Our procurement professionals explore, innovate and recommend industry-specific methodology and systems which involve complex purchase procedures and a vast network of vendors and business partners. Our pool of multilingual, demographically widespread and motivated professionals possess the successful business strategy traits which gives us the edge in the procurement market across the globe.